Side Menu not working after upgrading to Beta 11

Hello guyz,

Earlier I created a simple project in ionic2 beta-10 version. In beta-10 side menu working properly.

But today I upgraded my project to beta 11 the same code for Side Menu not working. The Navigation drawer from left side is not working. My most of navigation is depend upon side-menu.

When I click on navigation drawer button (i.e. three horizontal lines icon) at the upper-left side on the navigation bar, nothing happens.
Also if I drag from left to right on screen, side menu is not opening.

Side menu is not opening on iPad and ionic serve (i.e. browser) too…

If anyone having such problem after upgrading to beta-11.

Anyone know the solution for this?? @mhartington?

Thanks in advance.

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hey vaibsVB… i need code for drawer menu… if u don’t have any issue please share your code with me…i am currently working on ionic beta 10 version.


Is anyone having same issue related to side menu not opening or disabled for whole application… after upgrading to beta 11??

Any sugesstion/solution appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Side menu is working fine for me after I upgraded to Beta 11 and followed the Steps to Upgrade to Beta 11. I tested my app in Chrome and iPhone 6 with iOS 10 (yes still in beta). Take a look at my repo and compare your code to mine. I hope this helps!

Take a look at the sidemenu starter as well. I have not been able to break it with beta 11

@mhartington: Thanks for reply. I have not changed any code belongs to side menu… Just I upgraded to beta 11 using a link shared on the ionic blog up-gradation steps. Don’t know where things gonna mess up.

Still will check further for any discrepancy.

@gigocabrera Thanks for reply.

I followed the same link to upgrade to beta 11, the link shared by you.

Still will check into your repository to find any subtle change in code.

Side menu does stop working, ive encountered that while devloping, need to restart the app to make it work again. Ill take screenshot and let write as soon i get that problem.

@nylex are you facing the same issue like me??

have you created an issue on GitHub?

Go through once my issue on Github


@vaibsVB I also am having this issue. So my sidemenu is working when i load the app. However if I go to another page and go back it isn’t opening side menu.

  1. On landing page - I click button to go to other page.
    goToRecordGamePage(game: Game) { this.nav.setRoot(RecordGamePage, { game: game }); }

  2. On RecordGamePage I click on popover and inside popover i click on button that goes back to dashboardPage
    endGame() { this.nav.setRoot(DashboardPage); }

  3. Back to Dashboard Page I toggle menu and it doesn’t open anymore.

@Arcen Still I’m also facing the same issue.

I upgraded to 2.0.0.beta.rc-4 and ionic2 beta11 from CLI freshly. And created sidemenu starter project again.

Now this time navigation drawer opening…
Additonally, if the menu is open, and I click on the main page to have it close, it is delayed closing, and then anytime I click on the main page again, the menu drawer is re-opened.

I created issue on github you can elaborate your problem over there too.

And this issue marked as a bug by ionic member.