Side Menu for Ionic 3 App with Tabs

I have an ionic app upgraded to ionic 3, I have a tabbed app with 4 tabs.
Two side menus from my home page (first tab), one for the left and other for the right, which works perfectly.
Now when I am on the other tabs, depending on which tab I am in I want to open two other (different) menus, how can I achieve this. Any help on this will be really appreciated.

Thank you,


Also interested in a solution

It was not possible to have more then two ion-menu components in the app.html, so I created components for the menu content, depending on the tab the call was made and left or right menu, I am loading the content. This seems to be an easier approach. I am using the Menucontroller to open left or right menu using the id assigend. Eg: the id for the left menu is leftMenu and right menu is rightMenu. Then I am calling the menuContrl.Open('leftMenu); Assign the calling page to a variable in the calling page and check this variable while loading the component for the menu. If you need more details let me know.

Thank you so much for reaching out and providing a solution! Will try this
out soon and let you know. :slight_smile: