Side menu based app broken in iOS 7 (and some Android), not iOS 8 or browser

This is going to seem like a general question, so bear with me!
Is there anything that would possibly be different/break with a side menu app, or anything that would work with iOS 8 but not older OS versions?

I’ve been working on an application that was fully functional and tested on multiple devices. We decided to update it to follow some best-practices and optimize it a bit more (the way we had the app structured would call controllers repeatedly left and right, so we knew something wasn’t right). I used the standard side menu example application to restructure the navigation/controllers, add the menu as an abstract state, etc.

As is, it works GREAT on iOS 8 but not on iOS 7 or most Android devices. When I first tested on iOS 7, nothing would even load and I would get just a white screen after the splash screen was dismissed (even though it works perfectly on iOS 8). I’ve stripped down some extraneous states/controller functionality and I can my initial view to load with data retrieved from a service, but if I try to switch to a view with a list, it freezes up and won’t let me switch back to any other states (even though the state change is logged) and the side menu gets stuck in the shown position. I’m incredibly confused as to why this works differently between OS versions, as well as why everything seems to have broken in a given OS version with adding an abstract state and reformatting some HTML.

The only other post I’ve found regarding this is here, but his solution doesn’t seem to be related.

have the same issue, any solutions yet ?

My solution may not be of too much help. I had a service that was using a newer promise syntax that isn’t supported on most devices which cause it to break when loaded on an iOS device.