Showing Firebase string on page

Hi. Wonder if anyone with a greater knowledge can help.

I’m retrieving firebase data and rendering it in the app without issue. However, I now need to render sub level items shown below as “telNumber” and “newNumber”. The data is showing in console log so it’s being retrieved, but I cannot show it on the page! The data is in the same Collection “myData”


myData (collection)

infoNumber: test (string) (all showing correctly in the app)
infoName: test (string) (all showing correctly in the app)

infoDetails (map)
–telNumber: 12345 (string)
–newNumber: 6789 (string)

Just to reiterate - it is showing in the console so the data is retrieved, but I need to show it on the page. I’m aware this is a little brief so if you need further information let me know. Thanks!

Plse show console log output, which framework you are using and what you have tried

We need code to review and comment on

Thanks for your reply. I just worked it out.
Referencing it as {{ myData?.infoDetails.telNumber }} works.

Thanks again.

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