Showing a content other than tab's content in ionic tab

I am using ionic 2. I have the following scenario. My TabBar has three tabs tab1, tab2 and tab3. These 3 tabs have separate content content1, content2, content3 respectively. Now I am navigating from a login screen to this TabBar. Currently when I am navigated to the TabBar screen from login screen, tab1 is selected by default and content1 is shown. But I want to show some other content(content4) when I am navigated to the TabBar screen instead of content1 (no tab should be selected first). Only after clicking tab1, content1 should be shown. I know ionic tabs doesn’t provide this functionality directly. Is it possible to achieve this in any other way.

so basically you want to show the tabs, but not show tab1 content… is this only after the login? Is there ever a time when you go from login to Tab1-Content?

Yes I want to show the tabs but not the tabs content. Whenever I came from login, I have to show content4 not Tab1-Content(content1). Only after clicking the tab1, I have to show the content1