Show phone filesystem in Ionic3


Hi all ! Could anyone suggest please … Is it possible in Ionic3 create option which could show phone (Android,IOS) filemanager ? To choose needable catalog and download file ! I can not find any decision or examples …


Since what you’re asking is only possible on Android (there’s no filemanager on iOS), you could use this plugin:

It let’s you pick a file and returns a file url. If you need to download something, you should then use the FileTransfer plugin.


luukschoen, hello ! I need to create option that will allow user to choose needable dir in his phone where download file …like teg file in html allow user open modal window and choose any catalog that he want …


If you need to store files on a phone, you should use the Transfer plugin. You can find it over here:

If you want to know where you can store files on the phone, look at the documentation that comes with the plugin:

Downloading something on the phone doesn’t really give you much of an option other then the ones mentioned on the plugins documentation. A phone just isn’t the same as a laptop or pc where you can just browse and store files I’m afraid.

Only thing I can think off is that you let the user decide where to store the file to, i.e. one of the options mentioned on the documentation.


luukschoen, thanks, it very useful links. But this is not exactly what I search… If there was a plugin which opens all local folders and files on phone … it will be perfectly … go for example through the folders and select the desired path …


That means it’s not possible what you’re asking as far as I know. If there’s something you’d call a filemanager to set a specific download path, it’s only there for Android. If it’s there. But I’ve never seen it, just a filemanager for browsing.


luukschoen, thanks …