Show & hide tab bar

Hi , can you please help me , how can I show & hide tab bar ? I just figured it out hiding tabs, but showing tabs is my problem , I just used the code of @mhartington wrote .this is the link , and I just implemented it on my app. Is there any code for showing the tab bar ? Please help me thanks :smile:

I didn’t add the functionality to toggle the tabs visibility. Right now it’s either the tabs are shown for that view or not.

Just need to evaluate an expression on the directive. You should be able to add it no problem

Do you have example in evaluating an expression on the directive in showing the tab bar ?

Nothing yet, don’t have the time to actually add the functionality.
But you could attempt to add it your self. Look at the ngShow directive.

Specifically the scope.$watch line.

Am I going to add this on my controller ?

var ngShowDirective = ['$animate', function($animate) {
  return {
    restrict: 'A',
    multiElement: true,
    link: function(scope, element, attr) {
      scope.$watch(attr.ngShow, function ngShowWatchAction(value) {
        $animate[value ? 'removeClass' : 'addClass'](element, NG_HIDE_CLASS, {
          tempClasses: NG_HIDE_IN_PROGRESS_CLASS

How can I activate the ngShowDirective in my application?

  <ion - view show-tab-bar>
</ion- view>