Show / hide items in left navigational menu


I am creating an application for mobile which uses left navigational menu for navigating from one area to another.
I want to show/ hide menu item on certain condition. In angular js have below attribute which is working perfectly for my web application.

is similar kind of thing is available in ionic framework. Any help on this is appreciated.



What is the problem in using same for Ionic App ??


Ionic IS Angular. Anything that works in Angular works in Ionic because Ionic in built on top of Angular.


I have already used like
ion-item nav-clear menu-close ng-click=“join()” data-ng-hide="isAuth"

however no success. I have removed angular brackets


Do you have a codepen as an example?

is isAuth a variable or a function?

Do you have at the very minimum markup you can show us?


Hi Andrew,
bit new to codepen, will check it and post codepen example soon. isAuth is a variable, declared globally to false and it will became true on particular conditions met