Show App Instruction (Tour)

I Need To Display For my app user some instruction for how to use my app
in Steps with highlights
i search and found intro.js but it not combatable with ionic 3 apps
any suggestion please

You can try , i did not used yet. But give it a change. It’s intro.js for angular 2 version.

is this combat able with ionic 3 ?

yes @mfouash yes it is compatible

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Did you find any solution on how to make it work?

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sorry for delay ,
no , i didn’t find solution if you find one can you help ?

Hello, i manage to install intro js but the highlight area hides the element that i want to highlight .Check the code here

This might be useful:

Hello i found your module a few days ago , i installed it but it doesnt work.I used your example, i press the button and no tooltip and no error appears.I use ionic-angular 3.3.0.

I’m not the creator of this module, however the example project works perfectly for me. In that case I suggest you submit an issue on the Github repo.

A workaround for using Intro.js and Ionic with Chrome has been submitted here:

Hi try this plugin

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i made this see here

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