Should i use NavController in Ionic 5 / Angular 9 app


navController.pop() (Ionic NavController) behaves differently than location.back() (Angular location service). I have a case, where the page before is not correctly restored when using location.back().

As I understood it, since Ionic 4 the NavController should not be used anymore. In the ionic5 docs, there is no documentation for NavController anymore. So my question is:

Is it a good idea, to use NavController in an Ionic 5 / Angular app?

Thank you!

Why do I don`t get an answer to this? Is there an error in reasoning in my thinking? Or is it a hard question?

There is no Reason to not use the NavController. I don’t now why the documentation is missing for it but thats not reason for don’t use it anymore.

sometime animation with router is glitchy there you will have to add
eg: navController.setDirection(“forward”), Because of that Ionic team is not planning to remove it from bundle