Should I run npm install every time I create an app?


Whenever I create a new app, ionic start MyApp --v2 does not create the node_modules folder. It did for the first app I created, but not anymore.
This causes me to run npm install in the new app’s directory everytime I create one, so i have a node_modules folder inside each app’s folder (which is pretty heavy).
Is that normal or is there a way to somehow bound every app to the same node_modules folder ?
I’m new to this.

When you start an app, it comes with a package.json file. That package contains the list of node_modules you are gonna need. Whenever you enter npm install, what you are doing is to download that list of node_modules. So yeah, you have to download the modules all over again.

What I do - because almost always you have the same starter package.json file - is to copy the folder node_modules from a previous project and, like that, save yourself hours of waiting (I have a terrible connection).

Hope it works for you and I wish you a happy coding.

Clear, thanks for the reply!