Should CLI generated files follow Angular 2 style guide?


Looking at the Angular2 style guide for file naming conventions the suggestion is that filenames in general follow the convention feature.type.ts.

When using the ionic -g page Login following the above, should the filenames generated be

and perhaps similar for services etc

I do see the class name generated is as expected (e.g. LoginPage)

Or perhaps there is a reason this is differing on Ionic2?

I know we can do this manually, but wondering if it is a conscience decision for the CLI not to use this be default?


I raised this a while ago, see issue #6847.

I think the Ionic guys just prefer a different style.


I would also love to see Ionic following Angular2 style guide - unless there is an explicit reason to deviate from it.


I agree, it only ends up hurting the end user, who has to read even more docs about best practises for project structure.

I can’t see any good reason for Ionic’s style.


Wouldn’t a kind of “middle” solution be that the generator templates should be able to be modified somehow? Then everybody can use whatever template structure she wants, right?