Sharing photo/photos to my application from "share" button in gallery images

Need help with the fact that,
*if i am in gallery of my android phone , and choose picture/pictures and then click on share button, then a list of application appears over which those selected photos can be shared. i want my ionic2 application to appear in that list. and then photos can be shared over.
please help me with this scenario.

Thanks ,

I think this is the general concept you are looking for:

Now you only have to find out how to implement this in Ionic 2…

how to implement that in ionic 2!! that was the question :grin:

Well, you didn’t post that you already know this is about intent filters… or could be starting points to investigate, but specific instructions for Ionic 2 are not present in any of these.

Let us know if you find a solutions, seems to be not have been posted anywhere yet on the internet.

sure @Sujan12 will let the forum know

apparently, the answer for ios is in xcode. there are no plugins available.

    function(url) {
        // url is the value of EXTRA_STREAM
    }, function() {
        // There was no extra supplied.
I am using the above code to receive file from gallery through share to my ionic app,but it is getting null.
Can any one please help me