"shared element activity transition" in ionic 2

Wanted to check if anybody tried their hands on building a transition animation as represented in the guide https://github.com/codepath/android_guides/wiki/Shared-Element-Activity-Transition in ionic or ionic 2?

If not, do the veterans see this as a possibility in ionic. I’m new to ionic and still learning the ropes but definitely would want to take a stab at it.


Turns out it wasn’t that difficult.
I extended Transition class from ionic-angular and used couple of angular animations (translateX, translateY and scale) with the animation params determined by the target images in leaving and entering views of the transition object.

OMG…if you can share a tutorial or show your code here i will be super thankful

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Hey Baskin,

If you can profile some examples, it would be nice :wink:

@5im0n @chanyap92 I did something along the lines of following

import { PageTransition, Animation } from ‘ionic-angular’;

// assumptions:
// - shared html elements need to have "shared-element" class in both the entering 
// and leaving views
export class SharedElements extends PageTransition {
    init() {
        this.enteringPage = new Animation(this.plt, this.enteringView.pageRef());
        const leavingPage = new Animation(this.plt, this.leavingView.pageRef());

        let lEle = this.leavingView.pageRef().nativeElement;
        let eEle = this.enteringView.pageRef().nativeElement;

        let lEntity = lEle.querySelector('.shared-element');
        let eEntity = eEle.querySelectorAll('.shared-element');
        if (lEntity) {
            this.add(this.buildAnimation(lEntity, eEntity));

    private buildAnimation(leaving, entering): Animation {
        let fromPosition = leaving.getBoundingClientRect();
        let toPosition = entering.getBoundingClientRect();

        let flipS = toPosition.width / fromPosition.width;
        let flipY = fromPosition.top - toPosition.top;
        let flipX = fromPosition.left - toPosition.left;

        let sharedAnimation = new Animation(this.plt, entering);
            .fromTo('translateY', `${flipY}px`, '0px', true)
            .fromTo('translateX', `${flipX}px`, '0px', true)
            .fromTo('scale', '1', flipS, true);
        return sharedAnimation;

Also register this transition in your angular config via the app-module

import { Config } from 'ionic-angular/config/config';
export class AppModule {
     constructor(private config: Config) {
         // Register custom transitions.
         this.config.setTransition('shared-elements', SharedElements);

And finally use it for pushing pages in your nav

        { ...},
        { animation: 'shared-elements' }

I haven’t gotten around to making the ‘back’ direction work yet though.
Hope this helps.

Thank you @baskin for the sample

I have a problem with the back button in the entering view. I can’t Pop the view cause the back button is absent. Maybe you have faced the same issue ?

Another question: do you have think about the workflow to apply, remove the shared-element class on the elements ? For instance, if you have a page with users list, when you click on an item you should add the class shared-element on it to use correctly the transition. Idem when you Pop the page.

Thank again :wink:

Hi sorry, I know that it is an old post but I have tried your code but it didn’t worked.
I have created a provider with your code, and imported into app.modules, registered the transition in app.modules and set the {animation : ‘shared-elements’} on all pages that will be animated and inserted the “shared-animation” class into html.

But it didn’t work.
Do I need to put the code into somewhere else?