SHA 256 decryption

I’m using AES(128 bit) method in Crypto js for my Ionic app [ionic-angular: 3.9.2]. Now the user want SHA 256 method for storing and sending data. Is there a decrypt method for SHA 256? If not, then please suggest a good option for Encrypt and Decrypt data in 256 bit?

I would suggest hiring somebody that knows what they are talking about. Encryption is the worst possible place for amateur hour.

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SHA256 is hashing. It is not encryption. So there is no decryption. You may use AES256 but you have to keep the key safe.

Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please give a example on AES256 with a Private key?

Again, please stop.

Tell whoever is in charge of this project that they need to hire somebody with cryptography expertise. This is not something that you can fake your way through, and the further you go down this road, the worse things are going to turn out for everybody involved.