Sh.exe ionic command not found


I tried updating ionic cli because the project in which I was working requested it and then every time I try to execute some command I get this error:

sh.exe ionic command not found

I execute ionic info in C:\Users\Usuario and throw me the following:


That looks fine. Please show us the error you are getting.
Can you create a new project with ionic start and run ionic info in there?


When I tried create a project

Thanks for you help.


Huh, strange.

How did you install/upgrade everything?
It did work before for you, right?

Run npm list -g --depth=0 please.


Ionic worked without problems but when a project suggested I upgrade the CLI I accept and Ionic started to fail and I did not let me execute more commands.

$ Npm list -g --depth = 0

And I throw the following:

missing: ms@2.00
will that be? how do I solve it?

ivo will that be? how do I solve it?

please help me.


My advice: Uninstall everything (npm uninstall -g cordova ionic json-server npm npm-windows-upgrade) then uninstall node completely. Install nvm-windows and use it to reinstall a node version you like. Then reinstall ionic and cordova. After that ou have a super clean and flexible setup.