Setting the toolbar background colour, the correct way?

Ionic 3. Set the tool bar background colour using $toolbar-background. But the menu button (ion-buttons) is displayed in its original colour. I could set the menu button colour separately, but what is the correct way to set the toolbar background colour once and for all?


If you want to set a toolbar background for all pages.
Simply change the CSS inside your app.scss. Probably you need a ugly !important to make this work.

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I do this

<ion-toolbar color="primary">


$colors: (
	primary: #0092cf,

It had the same effect. It changed the background colour but not that of the menu, resulting the same look as the screenshot of my OP.

No, my point is not that. Setting $toolbar-background already changed the background colour of the Navbar for all tabs. The point is that the action menu’s background is not changed. I wanted to know a way to set the background colour for the whole Navbar, including the action menu.