Setting dev_push to false

Hi there,

so I tried ionic config set dev_push false

Then I searched in my project directory (all sub files too) for dev_push

In the file .io-config.json there stands {"dev_push":true,"app_id":"...","api_key":"..."}
In the file www\lib\ionic-platform-web-client\dist\ there stands the same.
And in the minified file www\lib\ionic-platform-web-client\dist\ the same too.

All dev_push fields are still pointing to true. This cannot be right. Am I right? Would it be enough to manually change these fields to false?

By the way: I used these two commands before:
ionic push --google-api-key ...
ionic config set gcm_key ...

Anyone has any clue?

Hmm … I realized that this no-changing-problem occurs on windows platform. With the mac it was no problem setting the vars. so … SOLVED!

Should work on Windows, too.

Hmm … on a fresh blank project it works on Windows too. But not after installing the web-client and phonegap-push-plugin. Very strange. But on a Mac everything sets up as expected.

Windows and Mac use different path seperators, / vs \. This sometimes can cause problems. Still shouldn’t happen.

Could be … perhaps you’re right. But what do Windows-only-users? Not everyone has mac, too. So what do those people? Would it be enough to change manualy?

If that’s no problem, here are the changes, Windows user could do manualy:
Search in your project directory for dev_push. You should see 3, www\lib\ionic-platform-web-client\dist\ and www\lib\ionic-platform-web-client\dist\

Search for the line: {“dev_push”:true,“app_id”:"…",“api_key”:"…",“gcm_key”:"…"}; and change it to false.

These lines are the same for the gcm_key as I had problems to set this flag, too, on a Windows machine. But like I said: Mac has not this problem and can set these flags by calling ionic config set …

The problem only can occur if you change platforms inbetween. And even then it should not happen. It’s just one possible explanation for hte problems you’re having right now.