Set version no in app

How to set the version no. ? Like, if I am to release a newer version, how will it get updated ? Do we have to uninstall the previous version before adding a new one ? Thanks.

Open config.xml and on Line 2 there is a parameter called version. DO NOT CHANGE THE XML VERSION, but you can change the one for your app
<widget id="com.yoursite.yourbundleid" version="YOUR_VERSION" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">


Thanks @wilsonhobbs . ie, if the current version no. is 1 and if I made a copy with version no. 2, will it prompt for update if the widget id is the same ?

Did you copy the entire project into a new directory, or copy config.xml?

I am still to device a method to release new version. My app is in work in progress stage.