Set up of project before pushing to repo



Being fairly new to Ionic 2, could someone advise please on the best way to set up the .gitignore file in a project before pushing to a git repo? Should the www folder be ignored? When I have cloned that repo I have created myself I have no www folder after running npm install.
Really enjoying the whole Ionic community btw.


if you create a project with the cli, it will setup everything up for you, including the .gitignore. example: ionic start projectName templateName --v2 you have a choice of sidemenu, tabs and blank for the templates. if no template name is passed, it defaults to tabs template


Thanks. I realised that I had a problem with my ionic setup. Once I ran an uninstall and then fresh ionic install the www folder built correctly. When it didn’t previously I was thinking that the git repository was incomplete.
Thanks for coming back to me.