Set sass variable value in Ionic from web api for white label system

I am doing ionic-angular from last few weeks ,and now I have a requirement ,dynamically style public site .The site admin set various color codes and logo image from admin in database and these will reflect when the Public Site opens .

As I am from background ,previously what is do is,on master page load take values from DB and write into a .less file ,and less java-script library take care of it, its simple there.

But for current situation I am using sass and not able find a way how to write variables value into .scss file .

I just learn a new thing APP_INITIALIZER from here ,but ultimately this post not showing how to write in the .scss file.

I am actually thinking this with my knowledge,but may be I am wrong ,or there are another way of implementation.

I want a simple solution ,what we do in I want to achieve this in same way.

Take variable value from DB via api,when application loading for first time.

Write values in SASS variable file .

After that SASS will take care of this and we get result as expected .

Please give some suggestion or example ,to start with .