Set initial date in Ionic-datepicker


I am using ionic-datepicker lastest version (

How can i set the initial date two years before today? let´s say :

Initial Date: day: 29 month: 10 year: 2013
End Date: day: 29 month: 10 year: 2015

I try to use setFullYear , it doesn´t work.

$scope.datepickerObject = {};
$scope.datepickerObject.inputDate = new Date();
$scope.datepickerObject.inputDate = setFullYear(2000);

Also try : $scope.datepickerObject.inputDate = new Date().setFullYear(2000); it shows the year 2000 but can not select any date it says :

TypeError: c.setHours is not a function

Thank´s in advance