I see these methods on the IonicApp class, but the injector never seems to be set. I’m essentially looking for a way to get a handle on the current app level injector in a component. I’m wanting to initialize dependencies in that component without having to inject them in the constructor. I know it seems naughty, but I’m trying to abstract away some boilerplate work. I’m essentially making an ActiveRecord style base class for my domain models, but I need a handle on the datasource without having to use constructor injection.

Is there any easy way to do this? Is there an alternate pattern I should look at instead?



FYI anyone who finds this.

resolveAndCreate method was moved onto the ReflectiveInjector class in angular2.

Did you find a way to do this @marcmeans?

If I run let injector = ReflectiveInjector.resolveAndCreate(App) I get typescript compiler error:
"Argument of type ‘typeof App’ is not assignable to parameter of type '(Type | Provider …)