Set different animation/transition for each page

Hi all!..

I have read in few topics about this, and the solution was not given yet (like this and this)… I want to build an App with just 3 views, in the main view will have 2 nav-buttons, one in each side. When the right side button is clicked/touched the transition will be left-to-right, and when the left side button is clicked/touched the transition will be right-to-left. (Fiddle)

There’s a way to do it right now? or this new feature is coming soon?

thank you guys for your attention and your work in this amazing framework!..

Right now, not possible, as the navigation doesn’t allow for it. But we’re working on some cool stuff to get this working. Best place to check out is our github issue tracker.

thank you @mhartington, for your fast response and support. I will keep tracking the issue tracker and changelogs of the weekly launches. I’m excited for the new cool stuff that are coming. Congratulations to the team for this amazing framework.

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