Set custom ID for ionic user?

I’m currently migrating to the new beta versions of ionic user and ionic push.

In the old version I could set the user id with = 34234234

Now, I need to authenticate and create a user:

        var details = {
          'email': email,
          'id': 12345,
          'password': 'goodpassword'

Ionic.Auth.signup(details).then(signupSuccess, signupFailure);

But when I login to and look at the newly created user the ID is still some generated string.

How can I set the Ionic user ID?


Same here! I know that a solution would be to store in your custom backend the ionic ID, so you can send notifications to the new ionic ID, but it was much better to have the possibility to customize the id.

you got any solution for that ? I am having the same problem too. @clevercat

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Looking for an answer. Where are the ionic guys?!!

++1 with the same question

Yes agreed this was much easier before when you could still provide your own user id.