"Serial number & UUID" cordova-plugin-device

Hello guys,ç
So… i have this issue:

I’m using the “cordova-plugin-device” for getting the “serial number” & “uuid” on ionic 1 on my app, to send them to another app through an API…
But when i send the “uuid” "they (the other app) get a different value and they don’t match and when i send the serial number they get an “undefined value”.

Here’s part of my code

function onDeviceReady() {
$scope.deviceTest = device;
window.localStorage[‘uuid’] = device.uuid;

$scope.uuid = window.localStorage[‘uuid’];

$scope.porate = function(idporate) {
        'action=setinfologin&idapp=AD01&user=' + window.localStorage['username'] + '&password=' + window.localStorage['password'] + '&chatwith=' + idporate + '&iddispositivo=' + $scope.uuid,


any idea why i’m getting this error???