Seperate html files for desktop web build


We’re having a hard time making our mobile app working in desktop and looking good. So a little while ago nativescript announced seperate html files for dekstop and mobile which are being chosen during the build process. Is there any way this could come to ionic ?

Currently components just dont look good on a desktop. I tried following but a lot of this applies to ionic 3 using sass.

If there are any guides out there to make ionic 4 look good on desktop that would be appreciated.

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I would be interested too, something between design and tech. “officially” the only thing which pop up in my mind would be the blog post about SplitPane

P.S.: What I could share regarding this particular subject is the following css:

.big-screen-content {
  @media only screen and (min-width: 540px) {
      margin: auto;
      width: 80%;

I use it in my pages in order to shrink the content so it looks a little bit less wide, more compact. like

  <div class="big-screen-content">


   <ion-slide class="big-screen-content">


For that you could still use i believe inside your ion-content, the only problem being you’re header and for example tabbar wont shrink

Maybe yep, but what I did above is used in prod and works fine, I’m happy to not touch it :wink: Anyhow just wanted to share, nothing else nothing more

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I think it would be great to have separated templates according to the platform. I just tried to see how my app would fit for desktop and it’s plain terrible ^^


maybe it helps using ngif, ngclass, etc. to render platform depended html.

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