Sending Push Notif (FCM) via Ionic Native HTTP when app in foreground

Hello, I am using the following code to send Push Notifications to devices using Google Cloud Messaging using Angular HTTP.
it works very well when app in backgroud

let body = {
   notification: {
      title: "Push Notification",
      body: "This is a sample push notification",
      sound: "default",
      click_action: "FCM_PLUGIN_ACTIVITY",
      icon: "fcm_push_icon"
   to: pushToken,
   priority: "high",
   restricted_package_name: ""

let headers = { Authorization: "key=" + gcmKey };"", body, headers).then(response => {
   //Response with 200 OK status, but no multicast ID.
}).catch(err => {

i want to be able to get this notification when app in foreground.
any help please?

any help here ?? i even tried to “foreground”: true , but it didn’t work !!
do i need to add plugin ?
any suggestion will be appreciated