senderID: "XXXXXXXXX" . what is it ? and where @@

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
      var push = Push.init({
        android: {
          senderID: "XXXXXXXXX"
        ios: {
          alert: "true",
          badge: true,
          sound: 'false'
        windows: {}
      push.on('registration', (data) => {
      push.on('notification', (data) => {
        alert("Hi, Am a push notification");
      push.on('error', (e) => {

u need to explain more when asking questions so you get better answers and others can help you better.
i believe you are trying to use the FCM push notifications. here is a little note on gcm and fcm sender id:

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Sender ID: A unique numerical value that is created when you configure your project in the Google Developer Console/ Google Cloud Console. The Project Number is the GCM Sender ID, and this is used in the registration process to identify an app server that is permitted to send messages to the client app.

Firebase Cloud Messaging/FCM Sender ID: This is the equivalent of the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Sender ID. It’s accessible under the Firebase > Project > Settings > Cloud Messaging tab.

and here is a post about how you can create/find your sender id to use in your application

ths. but i dont get registrationId . i used GCM

push.on(‘registration’, (data) => {


it not work

what do you mean by not working.
what happens? what does your data object contain in the log

i need get registrationId . i think it is device token for post it to server

yes. but i need to know what error do you get to be able to help you.
does your app get an error? is so what is that error. or does this method return some result as “data” and what is that result ?

resutl is it dont show alert

i think push.on not work

pushObject.on('registration').subscribe((data: any) =>
      console.log('Device registered', data.registrationId);


it dont set localStorage because i get dont it

    else{ = "ko cok idDEV";

res -> ko cok idDEV