Send background notification iOS

Hi there. I am trying to send background notifications using the api, but I cant managed it to work.
I using just like the docs says on the phonegap-plugin-push but the api response ignores my “content-available” tag and I can’t receive it on the app, here is how i am sending the JSON:

    	"tokens":"device token",
            "profile": "my_profile",
          "notification": {
                "ios": {
                	"title": "Task",
                        "message": "Notification",

The api response:

"data": {
    "app_id": "app_id",
    "state": "enqueued",
    "status": "open",
    "config": {
      "notification": {
        "ios": { //** no content-available tag**
          "sound": "default",
          "message": "Notification",
          "badge": 1,
          "title": "Task"
      "tokens": [
        "device token"
      "profile": "my_profile"
    "created": "2016-10-11T11:53:12.262049+00:00",
    "uuid": "uuid"

When sending to an android device it works great, i receive the notification and the code on my app is executed when the app is on background, sending the push using the dashboard to an iOS also works, so i don’t think is something o my app, but in the way I am trying to send the JSON. Can anyone help me?