Selecting tabs using $getByHandle('myTabs').select(1); after using $state.transitionTo is not working

On my Ionic App I have 3 tabs, after going back to a page which has some processes I need to go to one of the tabs and show it as the selected one.

This works

 $state.go("app.tabs").then(function () {

But problem is that $state.go reloads the whole controller so I used $state.transitionTo as shown in some StackOverflow threads

              $state.transitionTo('app.tabs', {}, {
                reload: false,
                inherit: true,
                notify: false
              }).then(function() {

but it is giving me the below error.

ionic.bundle.js:150 Delegate for handle “myTabs” could not find a corresponding element with delegate-handle=“myTabs”! select() was not called! Possible cause: If you are calling select() immediately, and your element with delegate-handle=“myTabs” is a child of your controller, then your element may not be compiled yet. Put a $timeout around your call to select() and try again.

So I tried wrapping it in a timeout

                , 10)

But nothing happens. How do I fix this?