Selected ion-option then nested ion-option list

I’m trying to make list with nested list Like restaurants when the user select restaurants it will appear another list of restaurants option

restaurants ==>
=> Burgers
any help

@nooralsbah30 just wondering. Did you ever find a solution for this?

I am looking for similar one too I made something but really doesn’t seem fine I made categories and sub categories like

$scope.categories = ["Clothing", "Smart Phones", "Books,EBooks", "Computers/Tablets", "Bikes and MotorBikes", "Vehicules and Cars", "Jewelries and watches", "Anything else"];

$scope.subcategory0["Women Clothes", "Men Clothes","Children"];
$scope.subcategory1["Android", "ios"];
$scope.subcategory2["Books", "Ebooks"];
$scope.subcategory3["Computers", "Tablets"];
$scope.subcategory4["Bikes", "MotorBikes"];
$scope.subcategory5["Vehicules", "Cars"];
$scope.subcategory6["Jewelries", "watches"];

after selecting the upper category the appropriate inner category appear to be selected using ng-disabled … but it’s real headache I wonder if there is a better method , where select look like json format !!