Select (picker) in iOS issue


So i have this bug or issiue that i am not sure how to solve it. I use and when i try it on iOS iPhone device or simulator my picker opens up but there is no option to select it and remove picker from viewr. Sure, if I click on some other place in view, picker will hide but this is not “good design”. On iPad it works perfectly.

Here is picture where there is clearly no “select” option, to remove picker from view:

I use regular code recommended by Ionic team:

<div class="list">

  <label class="item item-input item-select">
    <div class="input-label">
      <option selected>Green</option>


Is there any solution or maybe some better way of doing this?

Type input ionic

Do you have the keyboard plugin installed?

$ ionic plugin list

com.ionic.keyboard 1.0.3 "Keyboard"

And are you hiding the accessory bar by chance?



Hy Brandy,

thank you very much for this solution. I did had hideKeyboadrAccessory set to true (Ionic’s default settings…little vierd might I add. ). I set it to false and now it is the way it should be by default.

Thank you again.

p.s. I liked your post. Is there any other way to mark your post as being very very helpful and quick to respond? :smile:


You’re welcome. Haha I don’t think so. Just a like will do it. :smile:


I have com.ionic.keyboard installed and have set cordova.plugins.Keyboard.hideKeyboardAccessoryBar(false); but I still have the same behaviour.
Is there something else that I can do?


What have you tried? I know it seems silly but sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin will fix it. Also are you testing on an actual device, or an emulator? Is the app installed on the device, or are you viewing it in ionic view?


Thank you so much for your response.
Uninstalling the keyboard plugin actually fixed it for me.

I was running in a device.