Select input CSS bug


I have noticed this bug with the select input.

Any text with ‘tall’ letters which extend below the base of the word (e.g. ygp - as opposed do abc) have the curly bit cut off

Here’s what I mean…

Not a show-stopper but it makes a lot of difference to the look of the UI!


Looks like the bottom: 0 css makes this happen? @mhartington


Hmm, do you have a codepen showing this?


It does it even on the documentation on the website…

I have tried it on Chrome and Safari on Windows, and on my Nexus 5 and I get the same result


line-height: 10px; or mess with this :stuck_out_tongue:

on select :slight_smile:


That doesn’t seem to work. I’ve worked out setting bottom: auto; fixes it but it seems to happen on everything I try so maybe needs changing in the actual ionic css