Select date and hour

I want the user to select a specific date and the hour (0-23 or 0-11 am/pm). Unfortunatly I was only able to find either date, datetime or time, but no solution where I was really happy. So I tried the basic ion-datetime and ended up with the following solution:


I am not too satisfied about that, since there are no labels and a person who doesn’t have any context would not know that the 4th column is supposed to be the hour of the day. Another approach was to select the date via the native DatePicker and after I have the date, show something like a select with values ranging from “0 o’clock” to “23 o’clock” to make clear that the hour of the day is asked for. But I currently can’t find a solid hour-picker that visually matches the date-picker (I obviously don’t want two different style interfaces for the “same” input).

In the best case scenario there is a modified version of the native picker, where the minutes are hidden. There is a “minuteInterval” Option, but it only works on iOS tho.

Is there any more elegant way to achieve a day+month+year input from the user ?