SeekTime not binding to ion range handle when dual knob is set to true (Videogular2)


Angular version:

[] 1.x
[] 2.x
[X] 4.x

Ionic version:

[] 1.x
[X] 2.x
[] 3.x

Videogular version:

[] 1.x
[X] 2.x@5.2.9

I’m submitting a …

[ ] bug report
[ ] feature request
[X] support request

Current behavior:

Note* I am using the videogular2 framework & api to interactive with the ion range component ==>

While using the ion range component to scrub through seekbar, range handles do not seek to time when dualKnobs is set to true.

Max range handle properly seeks to time while min range handle remains unresponsive.

Console log shows range values are bond to [(ngModel)] and properly display current range position.

Here is a video showing current behavior ==>

Expected behavior:

Both range handles should scrub through the seekbar without issue.

Steps to reproduce:

I have created a repo branch for this issue ==>

Related code:

clone the repo, then

npm install
ionic serve