Secure the data storing in your applications

I have created a package which can be used to store data in browser. The data you stored will be encrypted using CryptoJS AES.

This helps to secure the data you are storing in web and mobile apps.

What is it about this implementation that you think is superior to any of the other projects with similar goals?

I wanted a similar plugin which will just encode my data securely in local storage. I found few other very old packages which has little more setup than this and few of them are not being maintained. So i thought to make a plugin with better and very simple configuration and i will surely enhance down the line.

I would not use CryptoJS for anything. WebCrypto provides significantly better performance and security for that part of the puzzle.

The library seems to be designed in a way so that the key is to be specified at application startup. This is highly problematic, as the only way it would be readily available at that time would be if it were hardcoded into the application binary, which would render the entire encryption exercise totally meaningless.

Instead of using naked user-supplied AES keys, I would instead use a KDF to enhance them to suitable strength.

All in all, not that anybody need care one whit about my opinion, this doesn’t look like software I would use or recommend.

10k+ starts for crypto js. It’s not easy for package to get such good rating. It means thousands of people are interested in it. As you said, your opinion may not matter.
I developed this for people like me who wants to use a package which will handle the data storing related stuff securely, so that the developers can focus on building the application. I suggest you to share any better packages with the specifications you suggested, so that we can also look into them.