Seconds missing in ion-input type=time on android - in some cases

I need a time input with format HH:MM:SS in my app. In the browser it works well, but in android the seconds are missing. It is using the android dial style time input (though that wouldn’t matter, since there is no input space for seconds anyway.)
Oddly, a ion-inpuat with format MM:SS works fine.


    <ion-input type="time" value="05:00"></ion-input>
    <ion-label>Time to start:</ion-label>
    <ion-input type="time" value="05:00:00"></ion-input>

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Mh, the input I thought had seconds field did NOT, it have only hours and minutes, according to the input widget.

Trying to use ionic datetime, but appearently that does NOT SUPPORT SECONDS either.
The documentation states that a valid ISO time value in format “HH:mm:ss” should work, but the damned thing ONLY shows two columns, namely hours and minutes, in web browser. And how would I express “mm:ss” as a valid ISO date value? Appearently not supported either.

It looks like privious versions of inoic had properties to support this (pickerformat, displayformat) but those have GONE.

Can anyone recommend a working web tech framework?