Second Menu in Modal

Hello there,

I am trying to implement a new feature in my react/ionic app.
There is already a menu (left side) on the page that should always be visible.
I would now like to have another menu, which should also be visible on the left side, in a modal overlay.
Is it possible to display both at the same time?

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

It is possible, but you need to set the modal width when setting everything up. Also consider ion-popover as an alternative approach as an overlay over that modal? This would be cleaner

what is the scenario for the UX in a mobile app?

Instead of a side menu, tabs.

While working on it, I decided it would probably be easier to not use any build in tools, but rather build this menu myself and not use a module for that.
but thank you so much for your help!