Searching for a Job

I’m searching for a new role as a frontend developer with Node Js, Laravel, Vue Js, Nuxt Js, Ionic, Inertia Js, Capacitor and Supabase. I am open to remote and hybrid working, contract and full-time employment.

I can send you some details on your e-mail if you want.

Please do, my email is;

Ah, you are already on Turing. I was going to refer you there. How was your experience?

I have not joined and have no experience with them.

Just sent you an invitation and the platform says that you are already a developer there.

You’ll have to answer some tests, but they are really not that hard.

@joshuakato - Thanks for posting and happy hunting! We have a jobs category for posts of this nature. Rather than deleting this post (it already has conversation), I am going to edit it so that it is moved to the appropriate “Jobs” category, and is labeled as such. I hope that is ok.

Also: have you posted on the Ionic Discord “jobs” OR “jobs-board” channel(s)? That would be another good place for leads. Ionic discord link

Done. :white_check_mark:
(Good luck!)