Searchbar with back button issue

I created a search page within searchbar component in navbar. Searchbar has a back button that show when focused. And the search page has another back button. This show so ugly and confusing. If I will hide page back button searchbar when searchbar backbutton disapper loses focus. Is there any way to show always searchbar back button or may be any other usage style. I can not handle this.

edit: If I use [hideCancelButton]=“true” backbutton area stays ampty. It is not right solution I guess.

Could you share a screenshot of this?

I have the same issue. Here you have a GIF with the back button behaviour. It replaces the search icon in the moment that search input gets focus or start typing.


It doesn’t happen if hideCancelButton="true". Regardless of this setting cancel button is never displayed, actually the recording is performed with hideCancelButton="false" to reproduce the issue. Other related issue about cancel button is Searchbar not showing clear and cancel button.

Search bar settings:
placeholder=“Type to search…”

My config:

Cordova CLI: 6.2.0
Ionic Framework Version: 2.0.0-beta.7
Ionic CLI Version: 2.0.0-beta.30
Ionic App Lib Version: 2.0.0-beta.16
OS: Windows 8.1
Node Version: v4.4.5

Interesting. Alright, could you open an issue for this?