ScrollTo particular item of VirtualScroll

Hello All,
I have asked this question for a while but got no luck in finding best solution (as posted on stackoverflow). I have a virtual scroll and i wanna scrollTo particular item when coming from main page. But as the item i wanna go to, is really down (let’s say at the end of items or last item), the virtual scroll isn’t able to find as the buffersize is by default set to 3. I can increase this buffer size, but the problem is sometimes the item i wanna scroll to can be let’s say the 2nd item. Sometimes 50th or sometimes 100. In short it is not known. Also setting buffersize dynamically doesn’t work…So i have to remove the virtualscroll feature. And without it everything just works as expected.

ionViewWillEnter() {
        this.customService.getArray(this.params.index).then((items) => {
            this.items = items;
                //scroll to item
                // this.content.scrollTo()
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