Scrolling doesn't work on iPad

Hi All
On PC in FireFox is everything OK, but when i open my app on iPad, there is no scroll bar to let the users know that they can scroll.
any idea what’s going on here?

Hello Shams. From what I noticed there is no scroll bar initially - just start swiping/dragging in the area and the scroll bar appears.

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Hello @bbrad
I started swipping/dragging in the area but the scroll bar doesn’t appear

Hmmm strange. Any JS errors being thrown in the background?

This is what I have and it works:
<ion-list class="list"> <ion-item class="item" ng-repeat="item in items" > {{item}} </ion-item> </ion-list>
It works in my browser(s) and on my iPad, iPhone and android emulator.
Just inside a <ion-view><ion-content> hierarchy.

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thank you @bbrad
it works now

the problem was from the place of <ion-scroll> I put it before <div class="row" >,
When i put it after <div class="row" > it works :blush:

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