Scroll-zoom-wrapper has no height

I have a div set to a certain height, about 85%. Inside is an ion-scroll set to height 100% (so it fills the parent div). Inside that I have three full width divs for content (eventually there will be more).

However, none of the divs inside the scroll are showing because the scroll-zoom-wrapper has a height of 0. The ion-scroll has the proper height of its parent div, but the zoom-wrapper is 0, hiding all of my content inside of it.

How can i remove this feature or override it in the best way?

So I fixed this by forcing:

.scroll-zoom-wrapper {
height: 100% !important;

in my app.scss. I don’t like this fix as it forces a property of an element that i cannot add or remove independently of the framework, so if there is a better solution please let me know!