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How to smoothlly scroll to top (anchor)?


That’s not working.


Ionic already has a built-in scroll functionality.

Here’s a sample on how to use it :


Thanks it works.
Can I make nice animation??


Yep. See demo. Just changed to :

$scope.$broadcast('scroll.anchorScroll', true);


You’re great! thanks


Unfortunately scroll functionality doesn’t work.
Could you fix it somehow?


I’ve noticed this too, and have had a hell of a time trying to implement scrolling. Commenting to see if anybody follows up.


I’m also curious of a solution that would help me to scroll contents of a div with overflow-y: scroll to top/bottom.

And for the the ionic scroller (ion-contnent, etc) these two calls make the job of scrolling:

  $scope.scrollBottom = function() {

  $scope.scrollTop = function() {

Remember about injecting the $ionicScrollDelegate

If any has a solution for scrolling div to top/bottom without jquery, please post an idea :smile: .


I have a filter in a view that filters a ng-repeat. If the list is not on top filtered list is above panel. How do I know if the user start filtering the list.


here is a tutorial for a scroll to top button