Scroll to element

Hello Ionic team,

Today I was trying to write function that will scroll my list to certain element. I have an large list of brand names. I use collection-repeat to output it. Also I have abc in header. What I need is scroll to first element of brand names list with letter that I clicked. For example, I click at character “T” and list have to scroll to “TACICCO” brand.
I tried to use $ionicPosition.offset(element) but it has no effect, I think it because I use collection-repeat. Some elements are not appeared in list so it can not be scrolled to “TACICCO” element.
Any suggestions? But take note I can not renounce the use of collection-repeat

Here is my codepen

you should use ng-repeat instead of collection-repeat.

To scroll to a specific element you can use ionic $anchorScroll$ionicScrollDelegate/#anchorScroll

@bengtler ng-repeat for this large list is really slows my application