Scroll to bottom not working


I have a chat page in my app where the chat-div is inside a wrapper-div. The structure looks like this:

 <div class="wrapper>
 <div class="chatwindow">
 <ion-row *ngFor="let message of messages">
 <ion-col *ngIf="message.fromId !== myUid>
 <div class="message other-message>
 <ion-col *ngIf="message.fromId === myUid>
 <div class="message my-message>

My problem is that I am not able to make the chatpage scroll to bottom (both at pageload and when new messages arrives).

What I have tried so far:
TS: file
@ViewChild(‘content’) content: Content;


HTML file:
<ion-content #content>

Above does not give any effect, i also tried using ngZone and [scrollEvents=“true”].
The only thing that has given some effect is [ScrollTop]=“content.scrollheight”. But then the whole chatpage reloades everytime a message arrives and it scroll up and down very fast.

Any help with this will be much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.