Scroll in android 2.2 does not work


First time I test my app for samsung galaxy s with version 2.2 everything works without problems except the scroll
The scroll does not work any page, I do see the scroll bar but he did not respond,

Thank you!


Well officially there is limited support for any version of android below 4.0. Have you tried setting the content directive to use the native scroll instead of the built in scroller?


Thanks for the reply but how do I do this?


On your ion-content directive set overflow-scroll="true", this will disable the built in scroller and enable the native scrolling.

<ion-content overflow-scroll="true">



I tried now and unfortunately does not work: (


Unfortunately theres not much I can do. Ionic is targeted to more modern OS version. It does seem that there is an open issue for scrolling support in 2.3 though


Don’t know about 2.2, but a while ago, this issue was fixed for 2.3 , following this issue on github.
@kfir you probably should make that change in your ionic.js and then see if it’s working or not. In my opinion, it should.

On a slightly related note, android 2.2 is currently running on only 1.1% of the phones all over the world.


You are right but you know something, my lawyer, one of my former partners and I felt the first users who have downloaded the app (previous version) from google play was with version 2.2

And the change in ionic.js I checked my file and is updated as to what is listed there and still not working


Hello @kfir
Can you provide me the version of Cordova for Android2.2 my app is working below the 3+ can u provide me the version of cordova.