Scroll For Page of Very Long Text

I’m finishing up my app and implementing a terms of service agreement and privacy policy in to meet app store guidelines. The way I am attempting to accomplish this is through on long page of text, for each of these policies, that the user can scroll through.

The snag I’m hitting is that the page seems to be to long for ionic to show, and the top part of the text is cut off.

My code for the view looks like this (with the text in between):


<ion-content class="login-bg padding" scroll="true">

	<ion-scroll zooming = "true" direction="y" style="width: 99%; height: 99%">

	  <div class="scroll-container padding">

			<ion-item class="item-text-wrap" scroll="true" style="width: 99%; height: 99%">







Iv’e tried several variations of heights, widths, and various forms of text in the scroll container with no luck.

Alternatively, does anyone know another way to display terms of service and privacy policy?

You may use
< textarea style=“height:200px;background-color:#ddd” ng-model=“item”/> inside scrollable content area

Thanks! I ended up using the in app browser to show my Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, but I think I’ll use this in my next update