Scroll bar indicator

Hi, how to remove the scroll bar indicator (vertical stick shown when scrolling) in ionic 3

If you don’t need to scroll then use CSS property overflow: hidden; on that element.

If you do need to scroll, then mention on which element you want to remove vertical scroll bar.
Note - If there is vertical scroll then browser will show vertical scroll bar.

This is my scroll container -

<ion-content padding style="overflow: auto; height: 100%;">
   // Other contents which requires vertical scrolling

For above code, browser shows vertical scroll bar.
But if I build it for specific device (android for example), then the Android app doesn’t show any vertical scroll even if I cn perfectly scroll contents.

If this is what you want you can go with above suggestions.

I added this to scss

    .scroll-content {
        overflow-y: auto !important;

but still on device I can see the stick bar shown

This means contents requires scrolling.
Can you describe HTML elements of your app. Or you can try to replicate mine (if it helps).

the content does require scrolling… thats not the point. even when using ion-scroll has that stick bar indicator and its annoying, I have noticed in some themes that they removed them, and I’m trying to do the same

Do you realy have to use ion-scroll? It is built to show overflowing contents.

I am sure you can achieve same functionality using my previous suggesiton related with <ion-content>.